• Sophia’s Smorgasbord: Satisfy your cravings with Atlanta’s diverse culinary scene | The Emory Wheel

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    by Sophia Ling | Sep 14, 2022 | Emory Life | 0

    As the only restaurant in Atlanta to make New York Times’ Top 50 Restaurants in 2021, Lyla Lila guarantees itself a place on my list. Yes, part of it is because it’s the New York Times, but also because elite restaurants sometimes don

  • Peach Cobbler Recipe - NYT Cooking

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    Some cobblers can be dry, but not this one. It puts a twist on an old-fashioned recipe, taking parts of the traditional, which uses a biscuit topping, and adding elements of a crisp, like oatmeal, for crunch. Maple syrup replaces the brown sugar usually found in peach cobbler recipes, which br

  • Sweet Potato Biscuits Recipe | EatingWell

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    These sweet potato biscuits have a tender crumb with a crispy bottom from being baked in a cast-iron pan. Freezing the dough before baking helps maintain the biscuits' shape and keeps the butter intact to give the biscuits more lift and a light texture. The sweet honey butter complements the b

  • Make This Delicious Breakfast Strata With Trader Joe's Spinach Dip

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    Whether you’re prepping for a busy week ahead or hosting a weekend brunch party, a make-ahead egg casserole is the time saver you need. Breakfast strata not only allow you to build in more “me-time,” but they’re exceptionally flexible in their flavor possibilities, so you can do a holi

  • Recipe of the day: Delicious chicken potjiekos with a pot bread

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    Lifestyle » Food And Drink » Recipes

    Potjiekos is a classic staple South African cuisine, cooked over a fire for hours while friends and family gather around the fire with a beer or glass of wine in hand sniffing the delicious aromas every time the potjiekos pot’s lid is lifted t

  • Heritage food: The best potjiekos recipe

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    Updated Sept. 23, 2022, 1:09 p.m. | By Poelano Malema

    Learn how to make the famous Afrikaans dish - potjiekos. The recipe is easy to master and it's delicious to eat...

    Learn how to make the famous Afrikaans dish - potjiekos. The recipe is easy to master and it's delicious t

  • An enamel butter warmer is the not-so-frivolous luxury I want for fall | Salon.com

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    When I moved out on my own, I spent the first few years living in a string of rented studio apartments with shoebox-sized galley kitchens. Cooking in places with minimal counter and storage space (and one particularly wonky oven) taught me a lot about the craft and provided me with some best

  • MasterChef Winner Dara Yu Reveals Pro Tips for Kitchen Success — Eat This Not That

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    Season 12 of MasterChef was full of firsts. Not only did the competition reopen its doors to contestants from previous seasons, but the judges also crowned their youngest winner to date: 20-year-old Dara Yu.

    "As soon as Gordon [Ramsay] said my name, I felt this pressure just kind of rele

  • Cubby

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    You’ve probably owned a few nonstick pans in your day, and whether you bought them from a  pyramid scheme multi-level-marketing operation masquerading as a “neighborhood cookware party” or that Southern gentleman on a late-night infomercial finally convinced you to hit “add to cart,

  • Stock Up On Kitchen Essentials With Wayfair’s SAVEUR Selects Sale | Saveur

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    Save up to 48 percent on bakeware, cookware, and must-have sets.

    By Leah Scalzadonna | Published Sep 14, 2022 10:20 AM

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