Prepare Yourselves, ALDI’s Annual Cast Iron Cookware Sale Is Upon Us

2022-08-19 23:26:38 By : Ms. Cindy Huang

It’s that time of year yet again my dear bargain-buying friends — ALDI has announced its cast iron cookware will be making a much-anticipated appearance in the middle aisle this month.

Shit-cheap pots, pans, roasting trays and Dutch ovens are hitting the chaotic Special Buys section of your local shop on August 13. Huge news for those of us who bought a bunch of cast iron winter cookware years ago and need a refresh.

Honestly I hang out for this sale every damn year. I don’t even care that I already own like 90% of the range in one colour, I simply need to know what else I can add to my cookery collection.

This year’s winter cookware sale includes French pans for $29.99, Dutch ovens and roasters for $26.99 and griddle pans and saucepans for $19.99. It’s easily the cheapest cast iron gear you can get your grubby hands on and trust me — if you treat them right they last for literal years.

So clear a bunch of space in your kitchen cupboards and start looking up some delish winter comfort food meals you can get to cooking in your new cast iron gear. I personally love to make a good spicy shakshuka in my French pan with a heap of roasted eggplant and creamy Meredith goats cheese.

Thank you chaotic ALDI middle aisle for your blessings once again. We are not worthy for all the treats you bequeath unto us plebs.

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