Get the crispiest bacon of your life with this bacon press from Amazon

2022-03-26 03:48:10 By : Mr. Dale Wang

The HIC Harold Import Co. Bacon Press ($6.29) from Amazon. 

There are two things that are annoying about cooking bacon — the grease flying everywhere and the curling of the edges. While I can’t help you out too much with the splattering grease, there is a super easy way to stop your bacon from curling. And that’s by using a bacon press like this one on Amazon from Harold Import Co. 

A fairly simple product from a macro standpoint, a bacon press does exactly what it sounds like. It presses your bacon, keeping it flat against the pan as it cooks. What this does is prevent the sides, ends, and edges from curling up and away from the hot surface. This ensures an even, crispy piece of bacon every time.

All you need to do is get the bacon cooking in the pan and simply set this bacon press on top. Remove the press to flip the bacon, and put it back down and that’s it. Super easy, right? Not only will it lead to better, crispier bacon, but you’ll also cut down on the cooking time since the bacon is always in contact with the pan.

This press is made of cast iron with a wooden handle that’s designed to stay cool. The cast iron construction also provides even heat distribution across the top of the bacon while the bottom is being cooked by the pan. To speed up the cooking process even more, you can preheat the press so that both sides of the bacon are being cooked simultaneously!

Even though this is designed as a bacon press, that’s not all it can do. This press is perfect for ensuring that your steaks, burgers, and just about anything else gets evenly cooked. You can also use it to press unwanted fat out of meat or whey out of cheese. Heck, it’s even perfect for grilling the perfect panini sandwich every time. What more could you get for less than $7?

To pick up your own bacon press and steak weight, visit Amazon’s site and order yours before this deal comes to an end.