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Utah, USA, 25th May 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, Tailgating, backyard BBQs, hiking, trekking, and camping are some of the most popular pastimes of people across America. According to an estimate, the number of campers grew significantly, with nearly 2.5 million people investing in their own RVs. The pandemic proved a key driver behind the influx of campers, which rose to 10.1 million first-time campers trying the adventure for the first time in 2021. Over 65% of the first-time campers revealed they plan to camp more often in the upcoming years to relax, clear their minds, and destress while connecting with and exploring the mesmerizing outdoors.

While this rise has significantly helped boost the camping sector in the United States, experts have continually issued several warnings regarding the volatility of using kerosene, gasoline, and other explosives materials to start the campfire. Additionally, campers also find it difficult to carry different utensils with them on each trip. It was also noted that more trees are now being cut to facilitate wood-based campfires, further polluting the environment.

Ken Yocum, one of the innovators at CampMaid, has come up with innovative solutions to combat the many issues involved with camping, especially those related to cooking. The Utah-based entrepreneur rolled out a range of safer and eco-friendly tools to make outdoor cooking safer and more fun. “We set on the journey to launch the CampMaid outdoor cooking essentials in 2013 to make the preparation and cooking process easier for campers across the Canada and United States. It took us many errors and trials, but after considerable R&D, we were able to come up with a range of accessories and tools to make camp cooking easier and safer for seasoned and newbies alike. CampMaid has now transformed into a full-fledged line of multiple-sized and pre-seasoned custom cast-iron tools and Dutch ovens, allowing camping enthusiasts to create an array of satisfying recipes without the risk of likely injuries caused by conventional cooking techniques,” shared the entrepreneur.

The company now offers various tools ranging from singular Dutch ovens to complete 8-piece sets featuring all of their innovative items for a complete camping and cooking experience. Camping enthusiasts can also get CampMaid’s coconut charcoal briquettes and fire starter cubes. They’re an environment-friendly alternative that is recyclable, burns longer, gives less smoke, and produces twice the heat compared to coal or wood.

“Our all-in-one innovating outdoor cookware allows to boil, steam, simmer, bake, grill, and use various methods to cook delicious food. Using tools by CampMaid can help you safely remove the lid without the coals falling off or ashes polluting your food. Once you’re done cooking, place the pot on the top and use it as a serving stand. The coals in the lid below keep the food fresh, safe from contamination, and warm for long! Flip your lid holder upside down to turn it into a griddle. Attach the leave no trace charcoal holder and easily adjust the temperature by moving it up or down. Attach the CampMaid flip grill for easy grilling. Cover the grill with the pot, and it becomes the perfect smoker! There are plenty of reasons campers, hikers, and Scouters love CampMaid. It’s safe, easy to use, and leaves no trace,” shared a spokesperson from the company.

CampMaid has also launched incredibly resourceful camping adventure checklists and planners to make things even more convenient for campers. These include ‘Our Family Adventure’, ‘Explore Adventure Planner, and ‘Plan My Roadtrip.’

When you order their innovative outdoor cooking equipment, you also have the option to add accidental protection on purchases with CPS for up to 3 years. They’re dedicated to making outdoor cooking innovative and easier by helping hikers, campers, and scouts make the most of their adventures.

CampMaid’s YouTube channel is regularly updated with various dessert, dinner, lunch, breakfast, and snack recipes for chefs looking to try unique camp meals in their Dutch ovens. Comprehensive how-to guides about using the equipment are also uploaded for campers looking for ways to season, use, clean, pack, and carry the equipment and tools to enhance camp food hygiene and efficiency.

CampMaid is a Utah-based online start-up business that sells innovative and high-quality camping equipment. This includes but isn’t limited to Dutch oven toolsets with lid lifters, stands, charcoal holders, and pre-seasoned Dutch ovens. They ship their products to hikers, scouts, and campers across the Canada and USA.


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