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A great gas barbecue can provide hours of outdoor dining pleasure - here’s everything you need to know

Best gas BBQs: get grilling with barbecues from Homebase, Argos, B&Q

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In this guide we’re looking at the best gas barbecues you can buy in 2022. There’s something for all budgets and requirements in this carefully curated ensemble, so dip in and choose the best model for you.

Gas BBQs are usually categorised by the number of gas burners they’re equipped with – the more burners on board, the larger the grilling surface.

Two-burner models are the most popular because they’re smaller, cheaper and they usually have enough grilling estate for up to six place settings. But if you have a large family or are a habitual al fresco party host, then a three or four burner model is the best bet.

Gas barbecues equipped with two or more burners not only provide extra grilling space but they allow you to separate ingredients across different temperature zones. Hence, if the chicken wings are cooking too quickly, you can move them to another part of the grill and adjust the intensity of the burner accordingly.

Some larger gas barbecues also come with a side burner for heating sauces or frying onions, mushrooms etc. However, side burners do add extra hassle to the assembly process and they’re not really that useful given that the household oven hob isn’t too far away.

Nevertheless, some brands have replaced pot-based side burners with sear bars over an infrared burner and these are well worth investing in because they are perfect for searing steak and fish.

Aside from some smaller portable barbecues which use titchy camping-style gas canisters, most modern gas barbecues run on propane gas (Patio Gas and Gaslight are the UK’s most popular brands), supplied in returnable 5kg and 13kg bottles.

If you’re using gas for the first time, you’ll need to complete a Cylinder Refill Agreement and pay an extra £39.99 for the cost of the actual bottle. Thereafter, you simply return your empty canister and pay for a pre-filled replacement (£21 for 5kgs and £47 for 13kgs).

Always be conscious of how much gas you have left well before the day of the barbecue or you might find you don’t have enough gas to complete the cook and that would be a disaster. Thankfully, modern Patio Gas cylinders have a simple needle gauge that gives a rough indication of the amount of gas left.

A 5kg Patio Gas bottle lasts a surprisingly long time – about 15 cooking sessions on a two-burner barbecue. You can buy propane cylinders from outlets like B&Q and Homebase.

Whoever you purchase your barbecue from, chances are you’ll have to build it yourself.

Smaller one- and two-burner models usually arrive ready built but the big ones – anything with three burners and more – usually arrive in massive boxes on wooden palettes.

It stands to reason that, the bigger the barbecue, the longer it’ll take to build – anywhere between 90 minutes and four hours.

Grill size: 46cm; Number of burners: One; Weight: 20kgs

Perfect for balconies; Modular system; Excellent build quality

Only one burner; There are cheaper options

Just because you have a smaller patio or balcony, doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in an alfresco nosh-up from time to time. Enter this svelte, do-it-all single-burner model from South African ‘braai’ meisters Cadac.

Somewhere between a portable and a full-size barbie, the Cadac Citi Chef 50 is a doddle to use and full of inventive design flourishes – including a space below for a 5kg Patio Gas bottle – that make barbecuing enjoyable rather than a chore.

The Citi Chef 50 is just over one metre in height and 86cm at its widest point so it’s a perfect size for smaller families and anyone with space constraints.

With a cooking diameter of 46cm, the high-quality ceramic-coated aluminium grill plate radiates heat evenly across the surface and, because it’s a modular system, you can swop out the grate for a number of other inventive cooking surfaces, including a flat griddle plate, a paella pan, a roasting tin, even a pizza stone.

It’s also really easy to keep clean.

The Citi Chef 50 reaches its optimum 250ºC temperature in just five minutes and goes all the way to an even more respectable 350ºC, which is ideal for searing steaks, what have you.

Granted, this high-end and very well designed BBQ isn’t the cheapest small-stature model on the page but it’s certainly one of the most practical, versatile and efficient.

Grill size: 54cm x37cm; Number of burners: Two; Weight: 23kgs

Great for camping; Two burners; Folds up for storage; Top quality

More expensive than the similar Weber

Like Weber and Broil King, Napoleon is one of the most respected high-end brands in barbecue-land.

This handsome gas portable with collapsible scissor stand comes with a Jetfire ignition system, two circular stainless steel burners, a lid-mounted thermometer and enough cooking space on its cast-iron wavy grate to accommodate up to 18 hamburgers.

The TravelQ Pro 285X runs on both small, disposable screw-thread gas canisters (think Campingaz, Coleman, etc) and large Patio Gas-style cylinders when using the included hose.

Like the similarly styled Weber Traveler, this model is perfect for camping trips, caravans and RVs, and ideal for balconies and small patios. A gorgeous matt black Phantom option is due within weeks.

Grill size: 65cm x 45cm; Number of burners: Six; Weight: 74kgs

Superlative build quality; Highly versatile; It sears steaks; Built-in rotisserie

The price; It takes a few hours to assemble

Broil King barbecues are renowned for their exceptional build quality, and this large and exceedingly versatile six-burner gas model is a prime example of the attention to detail that goes into every one of the Canadian company’s high-end barbecue products.

The Baron S 490 IR comes with a huge 65cm x 45cm reversible cast-iron grill grate, a large warming rack above and, just below the Flav-R-Wave deflectors, four stainless steel burners that amount to a whopping 11.4kW of power.

This model also features a side-mounted infrared sizzle burner for properly seared steaks and fish and, for those who wish to experiment further with their BBQ recipes, a brilliant rotisserie set replete with its own separate 4.4kW burner.

Back-lit controls, large castor wheels and a huge cupboard below for the gas cylinder round off an exceptional gas barbecue that will serve many years of reliable service.

If you have a large terrace, entertain a lot and can afford the extra outlay, the multi-faceted Baron 490 IR is a sterling choice.

Grill size: 63cm x 45cm; Number of burners: One; Weight: 28kgs

Top quality materials; Amazing folding system; Good grill size; Simple to use

Too heavy for long distances; Lid too shallow for tall ingredients

If you’re looking for a superior gas barbecue that you can wheel around the patio, take with you on a car journey and easily store in the shed, the Weber Traveler is a shoo-in. Yes, at 28 kilos, it’s perhaps too heavy to pull across a long sandy beach but it’s perfect for car-based holiday trips.

The best thing about this extraordinarily elegant single-burner model is that it comes attached to a two-wheeled cart that unfolds with absolute ease and folds up again with a slow, beautifully dampened action that you may play with a few times just for fun.

The Weber Traveler is designed to run off readily-available camping gas cylinders from the likes of Campingaz, Weber and Coleman, though it can be easily converted to work with full-sized propane gas bottles.

Although it only has one circular burner and the porcelain enamelled lid is quite shallow, this portable performs superbly well.

The high-quality cast iron grates, meanwhile, provide a 63cm x 45cm cooking surface which is enough meal estate for four to eight servings, depending on the ingredients involved.

Weber is renowned for the high quality of its barbecue products and this model is no exception. It’s really easy set up and use and it produces succulent results time after time.

Grill size: 60cm x 41cm; Number of burners: Five; Weight: 35kgs

Sensational price for four burners; Cupboard for the gas; Side burner and shelf

If budget is a major concern and you have a few extra mouths to feed, consider this cheap and rather cheerful Argos-branded model.

It’s got four main burners so the heat is easily controllable while the 60cm x 41cm black steel grill grate provides enough cooking surface for eight to possibly ten guests. It also has a side burner for pots and frying pans, a handy shelf on the side and a large cupboard beneath to store the gas cylinder.

For the grand sum of just £220, the Argos Home is pretty well constructed though there are inevitably quite a lot of cheap materials and components on board.

Nevertheless, if kept under cover it should last quite a few years without falling apart.

In the pantheon of large four-burner barbecues, you might not find a better value gas barbie than this model.

Grill size: 58 x 41cm; Number of burners: Two; Weight: 33kgs

Excellent build quality; Easy to use; Top performer

If you’re in the market for a high-end two-burner gas barbecue that’s superbly designed and sturdy as a steam engine, then consider this exemplary model designed by food wizard, Heston Blumenthal.

The stylish Force is available in three colours – graphite, mint and orange – and comes equipped with two enamel-coated cast iron plates that amount to 2,440cm2 of cooking area – more than enough space for a party of six.

The great thing about this aluminium model is that it heats up to 350˚C in about five minutes and is capable of reaching higher temperatures than many of its competitors, making it the perfect model for searing steaks.

Its convection system – aided by a cutaway air intake at the rear – also makes it suitable for slow roasting.

Heston and the Everdure design team have clearly looked closely at the opposition and created a gas barbecue that looks the business, performs superbly well and isn’t excessively expensive when compared against other premium models.

Grill size: 50cm x 36cm; Number of burners: Three; Weight: 23kgs

Good size for smaller patios; Great price

This keenly priced cart model comes in a small box and isn’t too taxing to assemble. Mind, at this price you’re never going to get the highest quality components, so a cover is certainly advisable if you want this model to survive more than a few winters.

The Omega 250 is equipped with two main burners, a side burner for preparing sauces and other ingredients, and a handy folding side shelf with integral tool holders.

It also comes with a fabric-covered area beneath to store the gas cylinder. The Omega 250’s porcelain enamelled grill grate measures 50cm x 36cm so it should be large enough to feed about six hungry guests (a warming rack just above adds a bit more cooking space).

If you’re on a tight budget, then this model is excellent value. It’s easy to use, it performs commendably well and it’s a perfect size for a large balcony or small patio.